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Welcome to the New Brunswick All Terrain Vehicle Forum

We are All Terrain Vehicle enthusiast from the beautifull province of New Brunswick....

If you wish to meet new ATV riders and go on planned rides, this is the place to be.

Thank You.

We donít have many rules, but we need to have a few... Read and ask questions if you have any

1. ATV vs. Snowmobiles: This issue has been discussed to death in the past, and most of the time these topics turn into a big heated argument. If you have some positive ideas, or some positive information to pass along, we encourage you to post them on the forum. But any negative comments towards either sport will not be tolerated. If you donít agree with a certain members comment or opinion and wish to discuss this matter further, send them a Private Message. You know the saying, Take it outside. Well it can also apply to this situation. Letís keep our comments clean and fun. If you have an issue with a certain post, report it to one of the moderators. They will investigate the comment, and if they think it needs to be deleted, proper action will be taken.

2. Personal Attacks on Members: Any attacks towards any forum member will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with a comment, you can either send the member a Private Message or notify a moderator. No need to get into a shouting match on the forum. If any personal attacks are made towards a member, immediate action will be taken to remove them.

3. Official Federation Business: As most of you know, the forum is not part of the Federation. We are an independent site that supports and encourages members to join the NBATVF. If you have any concerns or issues with the Federation, please forward your concerns or issues to your Regional Director, or directly to the Federation Office. Any official Federation business should not be discussed on this forum. There is a place and time to discuss these things and the forum is not the place to do this.

4. Keeping Topics on Track: When someone creates a post, please try and keep the topic on track. Do not go posting stuff that has nothing to do with the actual topic of discussion. If you have some information you want to post, make a new tread for this new topic. Letís have 1 discussion per tread.